Breaks that Cannot be Repaired

Stress cracks
These cracks occur naturally due to the inherent uneven distribution of forces in the windshield. Typically these cracks have no point of impact and start from the edges. Repairing and restoring the original strength of the windshield would result in the re-formation of the stress crack. The repair process did not eliminate the internal structural imbalance.

In both glass layers
Too much structural disruption has formed in the windshield.

In the inner glass layer
The repair would be done unfavorably against gravity.

In the driver’s primary field of vision
Chips that are greater than a quarter in size with a center impact hole of greater than 3/16″ and within 4″ of another chip repair would not be repaired. These guidelines are followed to ensure minimal visual distraction and distortion to the driver.

Three or more long cracks legs
Too much structural integrity has been compromised.

In areas of value-added features (i.e. defroster wires)
Repair may negatively affect the functions of the feature.

Intersecting multiple edges cracks
Too much structural integrity has been compromised.

Breaks with a center impact hole greater than 3/8″
Too large for any repair to be done properly.

Breaks with visible impurities that cannot be removed
The impurities may impede resin flow and complete filling of the cracks. It prevents quality repair and is also visually distracting.

Prestige Auto Glass, College Park, Maryland adheres to National Windshield Repair Association guidelines.


Credit: Goober’s Windshield Repair