Types of Windshield Damage that Can Be Repaired

A typical windshield is subjected to many sources of stress (for a basic understanding of windshields, please refer to the article on understanding windshield chip repair.) Damage to it may come directly from objects striking the windshield or stress cracks, which occur from extraneous flexing of the windshield during driving. Indirect damage may stem from an existing chip expanding into a crack. To know which damages are repairable and which are not saves you money and time in deciding what to do.

Repairable Breaks – How a Repair is Done

Not larger than a quarter coin

Half Moon
Not larger than a quarter coin

Star Break
Not larger than a credit card

Not larger than a credit card

Crack – No longer than 24″
Cracks worthy of repairing are ones that are relatively clean. If the crack is less than one month old, and has not been driven in really polluted or dirty areas, it can be repaired. Otherwise, the repair technician will balance other factors to determine if the crack repaired will be worth the time and expense. Multiple single cracks may not be worth repairing, depending on your situation. Complex cracks are rarely worth repairing.

The optimal repair environment is under shade with luminescent light bulb overhead and windshield temperature around 72-74 degrees F, typically in a garage setting. Results are best when the chip or crack is new and clean.

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Credit: Goober’s Windshield Repair